CHESS is a well recognized professional service organization based in Abu Dhabi,that provides workplace safety consulting, training, staffing, program planning and implementation.

We have extensive experience in assisting industries to effectively obtain and maintain environmental, health, and safety compliance. We have worked to provide individual attention to our clients to guide them through the regulatory mazes and to address any Health and Environmental concerns. Chess System's goal has been to provide our clients with strategies that reduce liabilities and comply with regulatory requirements at minimum cost.

We provide occupational safety advice for business, industry, construction and all organizations interested in safety on the job. Our safety consultants have broad experience across all business types. Our safety consultants will come to your facility or jobsite to provide the highest level of workplace safety advice, safety training and safety knowledge available. We provide OSHA assistance and workplace safety solutions to help prevent workplace accidents and reduce occupational injuries

Our clients are located across the UAE. Our clients range from small to large manufacturing facilities, hospitals, universities, government agencies, and commercial properties.

We are staffed to handle the full scope of Health and Environmental issues at these various facilities.

A Different Idea

We had a different idea. What if the employees were treated like Safety experts? What if management’s number one responsibility was to provide continues safety training to all its employees, making them best safety aware people, and then help them produce a great work?

At Chess Systems, our dedicated staff provides one to one interactive sessions.

“Worker safety is a top priority - and a non-competitive issue in any industry. Chess System's occupational safety experts share innovations and best practices with their clients to encourage sustained worker safety enhancements throughout the entire industry. Government data show these efforts have yielded real, measurable results. We constantly re design our courses to share our collective knowledge throughout the industry and in the public arena to encourage further safety enhancements. At Chess Systems we also aims to be a resource for policymakers, the media and public who may have questions about Occupational Safety and industry workplace safety...”

Recruiting the Best

To serve our customers the best we recruit best Safety experts in the Industry, so that we can provide the state of the art training with the latest standards from the Safety Industry. Our staff has the highest qualifications to provide quality consultancy and training services

Smart people like to work with other smart people, so we are fanatics about hiring the absolute best people we can get: people who excelled at everything they did in the past.

We are focused on continual learning, mentoring, and education. We’re not providing the the same old safety standards again and again; we’re not using the same technologies for year after year, and we have plenty of time and opportunity to learn new things.

Our people

Chess Systems is an egalitarian company. Most of our Safety expert people have the title Member of Safety Staff and work independently or on self-managing teams. There is no middle management.

Support Staff